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AutoSpoiler Script

Postby netizen » Sun Mar 28, 2010 10:03 am

version 1.5
  • Disabled logging(causing bugs and its redundant with logging in place)

version 1.4:
  • Fixed bug in ignore list, should be working now
  • Added Version Printout on script startup for debugging info
  • Fixed packaging issue with loggingsupport.l2c

version 1.3:
  • Added support for player paranoia only within a range
  • Added support for an ignore list on player paranoia via player names
  • Added an extra option to player paranoia which instructs bot to remain AFK for however many minutes you want. This will help prevent GM's from messing with you by teleporting in and out really quickly... after 5 or so mins of trying I'm sure the GM will give up
  • Added option to prevent bot from targeting mobs which we cannot find a path to
  • When bot is in pathfinding mode, it will check if it can find a path to the mob before and AFTER the travel phase to ensure bot does not follow a wandering mob into a closed wall box
  • Added logging support for the debug messages and ability to turn off debug messages
  • Added chat logger
  • Fixed issue with stuck check triggering to quickly after getting stuck
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: This version requires an EXE upgrade get it here:
  • Please check included example script for examples on how to set up the new options

version 1.0:
  • Spoils Mobs And Sweeps them
  • Can target any mob, and single mobs
  • Aggro detection support (bot stops and waits for aggro to kill instead of killing targeted mob)
  • A* pathfinding support (has known issues, see below)
  • Standard stuck check support
  • Spoil detection, will spoil mob until its spoiled. Will not overspoil
  • Player Paranoia feature, allows bot to go afk when players are near to prevent detection
  • Supports rest spots. Bot will move to rest spot before sitting down.
  • Feature to return to town when dead

Known Issues:
  • When using A* pathfinding, walls must be defined so the bot knows where he cannot move to
  • No script is perfect, including this one =P

For each of your bots, create a new file with their own separate set of options. Included is an example script which shows you how to set up a bot.
Start the script as is to see what is does. Run the spoilExample.l2s script located in farming folder under netizen scripts.

Below is an attachment with my script. Extract the contents to your L2.NET script folder.
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